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1.         Opening and welcome
2.         Apologies
3.         Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
            Consideration and adoption of minutes from preceding Annual General Meeting
4.         President’s Report
5.         Treasurer’s Report and Financial Report
            Consideration and acceptance of Audited Financial Accounts
6.         Election of Management Committee
7.         Any other business
8.         Close meeting
  1. Only Members (defined by the LFC constitution as being a parent or guardian of a player who is a minor and who is registered to play with the Club, or a Coach, Manager or Age Co-ordinator of the Club, or a registered adult player) are entitled to vote
  2. In line with Rules 33 and 34 of the LFC constitution all votes must be given in person
  1. Any Members (as defined under Note (a) above) wishing to bring before the meeting any motion or business not relating to the ordinary annual business of LFC should give notice in writing to the Secretary as soon as possible, but not later than 24 hours prior to the meeting.

In accordance with the constitution the following Management Committee positions will be declared vacant at the AGM. Whilst the current nominations have been listed against the positions below, further nominations are invited from LFC members. Nominations received following the notice of the AGM will be added and where necessary voting will take place.
a President
Clive Solari
b Vice President
Paul Grundy
c Secretary
Mark Pittman
d Treasurer
Glen War
e Registrar/Administration/Equipment
f Competition Director – U6 to U11 Mixed
g Competition Director – U6 to U12 Girls
Sarah Jenkins
h Competition Director – U12 to U18 Mixed
Penny Morris
i Competition Director – U13 to U18 Girls
Paul Grundy
j Competition Director – All Age Mixed
k Competition Director – Mixed Overs
Haran Siva
l Competition Director – Women’s All Age
m Competition Director – Women’s Overs
Jann LaForest
n Coaching Director
Danny Hurwitz
o Member Protection Information Officer
Penny Morris
In accordance with Rule 17 subsection (1) nominations must be delivered to the Secretary LFC, PO Box 206, Lindfield NSW 2070 at least 7 days prior to the AGM. Alternatively this form can be scanned and emailed to secretary@lfc.asn.au            
I hereby nominate the following person to serve on the LFC Management Committee:
Nominees signature:
Signature of Proposer:
Name in Block Letters:
Signature of Seconder:
Name in Block Letters:
In accordance with Rule 17 subsection (1) nominations must be delivered to the Secretary LFC, PO Box 206, Lindfield NSW 2070 at least 7 days prior to the AGM. Alternatively this form can be scanned and email to info@lfc.asn.au
Rules of Nomination and election
  • If only one nomination is received for a position then the candidate nominated is taken to be elected and no further nominations are to be received at the AGM
  • If no nominations are received for a position further nominations may be received at the AGM
  • If the number of nominations received for a position is greater than one then a ballot is to be held. This would be conducted at the AGM in such a manner as the Management Committee may direct


Lindfield Football Club Inc
ABN 94 954 614 532
Minutes of Annual General Meeting
West Lindfield Sport & Recreation Club, 26th March 2018
Agenda Item  
Chairman Adrian Jobling
Notice of Meeting The Notice of Meeting as lodged on the Lindfield Football Club website as well as the direct notification to all members was taken as read.
Apologies C Solari (CS), S Jenkins (SJ), J Hughes (JH)
Business Adrian Jobling was nominated as Chairman of the meeting by M Pittman and seconded by S Higgins in accordance with the Constitution and was confirmed as such by the Management Committee and Members present.
The Chairman declared that there was a quorum present and opened the Annual General Meeting pf Members of Lindfield Football Club Inc at 7:30pm.
The Chairman confirmed that all material relating to the agenda items to be covered at the Meeting were contained in the Notice of Meeting circulated to Members and lodged on the LFC website.
1.   Adoption of Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on 20th March 2017
The Chairman asked whether there were any questions or business arising from the minutes of the LFC Annual General Meeting held on 20 March 2017. There being no questions the Chairman moved that the minutes of that meeting be adopted and requested a seconder. H Siva seconded the motion. The Chairman put the motion to the Meeting and the motion was carried unanimously on a show of hands.
2.  President’s Report
The President, C Solari, provided his report by email thanking all outgoing committee members and providing his welcome to new committee members.
C Solari observed that player numbers were lower than at the same time in 2017 and felt that we should be focusing on “quality” over “quantity” and give our members the best support we can. It was observed that with C Deblaere and new coaches on board our Development Squads should be better than in previous years. Clive also mentioned that it was an exciting development that Dave Mitchell was going to mentor the Premier League, U18A and U16A teams in 2018 and that this should make for a better transition from U16 to U18 and U18 to All Age in future years.
3.  Treasurer’s Report
The Chairman invited the Treasurer to present the Treasurer’s Report.
A summary of LFC’s financial position was provided, with the LFC Financial report for the year ended 31 December 2016 being tabled and the major revenue and expense items discussed. There were changes to the NSFA fee structure for the 2017 season that have been taken into consideration for setting of LFC fees for 2017. The Treasurer also provided an update on the progress of loan repayments by West Lindfield Sport & Recreation Club for the all-weather courts, noting LFC’s interest as Guarantor for the loan.
There were a number of questions from members after which the Treasurer closed his report.
4.  Election of Management Committee Members
The Chairman advised that nominations and consents for the LFC Management Committee had been received as follows:
President:                                                               Clive Solari
Vice President:                                                      Sarah Higgins
Secretary:                                                               Mark Pittman
Treasurer:                                                               Glen War
Registrar:                                                                Sarah Jenkins
Competition Director – U6 to U11 Mixed:      Vacant – S Higgins agreed to act in role
Competition Director – U6 to U12 Girls:         Paul Grundy
Competition Director – U12 to U18 Mixed:   Jason Hughes
Competition Director – U14 to U18 Girls:      Paul Grundy
Competition Director – All Age Mixed:          Ryan Vitorovic
Competition Director – Mixed Overs:            Haran Siva
Competition Director – Women’s All Age:    Vacant – P Grundy agreed to act temporarily in the role
Competition Director – Women’s Overs:      Sue Cheesman
Coaching Director:                                              Danny Hurwitz
Member Protection Information Officer:      Penny Morris
It was noted that for all positions there had been no other nominations other than those named in the Notice of Meeting.
The Chairman moved the nominations for positions be accepted and requested a seconder. P Grundy seconded the motion. The Chairman put the motion to the Meeting and the motion was carried unanimously on show of hands.
5.  Special Resolution
M Pittman presented the Special Resolution to revise Part 3 Clause 16 of the Lindfield Football Club Constitution to allow greater flexibility about the number and nature of roles required by the Club and further, allowing the number and nature of roles to be agreed by the majority of the LFC Management Committee, rather than requiring a change to the Constitution.
The Special Resolution was passed unanimously.
6.  Other business
There being no further business the meeting was declared closed at 8:06pm.
Chairman      26 March 2018