LFC has partnered with Thousand Hands to bring jobs into the local community. Thousand Hands is a new Australian platform where you can post your unwanted chores and other jobs to a verified professional near your location. It’s perfect for those who are short on time or simply cannot afford to spend their entire weekend cleaning the house!

Thousand Hands are offering LFC members two great opportunities:

1. Become a Partner (worker) on the Thousand Hands platform. This enables you to be paid to complete jobs posted by other members of the LFC community and beyond; and
2. Receive a free $100 voucher to post jobs of your own once you become a user of the platform.

If you’re like most people and hate doing the cleaning, mowing or any other chore in and around the house, you need to download this app!

There are over 20 categories on Thousand Hands ranging from cleaning to data entry, handyman services, car washing, delivery and many more. You could basically outsource every job that you have no time, or no interest in doing!

What to do next:
(1) Download the app today on your Apple or Android device or visit www.thousandhands.com
(2) Register your details
(3) Apply the code “THAUS100”
(4) Start posting jobs you need done OR register as a partner to start receiving jobs for cash.