• The WWC Check is a FNSW and NSW Government requirement
  • All Paid employees working with children (under 18) MUST have a WWC Number.
  • Volunteers must have a WWC Number (unless exempt - see below
  • A WWC Check is free for volunteers 
  • A WWC Check costs $80 for paid workers
  • Persons requiring a WWC Number must apply on-line for a WWC Check
  • A WWC Number lasts 5 years
WWC Check Application Process
1.     Apply for a WWC Check
2.     Apply on-line to receive an Application (APP) number
3.     Take your APP number and Proof of ID to a NSW Service Centre (motor registry)
4.     Persons in a paid role pay an $80 fee at the motor registry, voluntary WWC is free.
5.     Your WWC Number is issued by email usually within 2 weeks
The following are exempt in football from providing a WWC number:
  • Persons under 18 years of age
The following are NOT EXEMPT in football from providing a WWC number:
  • Parents volunteering at an overnight camp or tour involving children under 18 years of age
  • Parents coaching or managing their own child’s team are NOT exempt (refer FNSW Policy)
  • Referees are NOT exempt (refer FNSW Policy)
  • Police Officers, Corrections Officers and School Teachers are not exempt
  • Committee members are not exempt, even if their own child attends the club
What roles require a WWC Number in football? 
  •  All paid roles that involve supervising or working with children under 18;
  • Volunteer coaches and managers;
  • Trainers, technical directors, youth coordinators;
  • Committee members, MPIOs, tour chaperones;
  • Referee coaches and referee mentors; and 
  • Any other role with children under 18.
Have you lost your WWC Number?
If you have lost your WWC Number, it can be retrieved online at the NSW Kids Guardian website 
WWC Numbers have only been issued since June 2013.  WWC clearances prior to June 2013 no longer apply...

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Who requires a WWC Check?
  • All paid persons who work with children under 18 years
  • All volunteers who work with children under 18 years, unless exempt
  • Coaches, managers, trainers, youth co-ordinators, technical directors, MPIOs, chaperones, tour directors, Committee members or Board members who assist with the delivery of activities, events or functions that involve children aged under 18 and any other person working or volunteering with children.
  • Persons who mentor or directly supervise children under 18 years.
  • Referee coaches, referee mentors, referee assessors
Q2: WWC Exemptions - who is exempt and who is not exempt?
  •  Persons under the age of 18 years ONLY.
  • Parents and close relatives with children in the team who are coaching or managing.
  • Police Officers
  • School Teachers
  • Persons working with children U18 in a paid role
  • Trainers, youth co-ordinators, technical directors, physios, first aid officers, MPIOs, chaperones, tour directors, Committee members or Board members who assist with the delivery of activities, events or functions that involve children aged under 18 and any other person working or volunteering with children.
  • Persons who have relocated to NSW and hold a working with children blue card or clearance from another State are not exempt.
Q3: What is the definition of paid?   A: Any payment, honorarium, lump sum, out of pocket expenses including in cash or kind such as discounted player fees. It is not payment where reimbursement is paid and a receipt for expenses is provided.  
Q4: What if someone refuses to provide a WWC Number, full name or DOB to their club?  A: They cannot work or volunteer with children under 18 years. 
Q5: Where can I get a WWC Number?   A: Apply online at kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au

Q6: Do existing paid employees need a WWC number?   A: Yes, all paid employees, including existing employees who work with children must apply for a WWC Check and provide their WWC Number to their employer. 

Q7: How long does a WWC Check last?  A:  5 years 

Q8:  What does a WWC Number look like?    A:  Paid position WWC1234567E    Volunteer position WWC1234567V

Q9:  Can I use a volunteer WWC Number (WWC1234567V) for a paid position?    A:  No. You must go on-line and upgrade to a WWC for paid employees. 

Q10:  Can I use a paid WWC Number (with an E on the end) for a volunteer position?  A:  Yes, a paid WWC Number that ends in an 'E' can be used for both paid and volunteer positions. 

NSW Office of the Children's Guardian
WWC Check Phone:   02 9286 7219 
Website:   kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au 
Football NSW Member Support
Phone: 02 8814 4402 
E: michelle@footballnsw.com.au
FNSW Member Protection webpage