NSFA Wet Weather Policy

The NSFA competition uses fields from 5 Council Areas. All these Council areas are consulted when ground conditions threaten play. This as well as the prevailing weather dictates the possibility of playing and training. For this reason a decision is left as late as possible if games are to be cancelled unless the ground conditions dictate an early decision.

  •   NSFA may close grounds in the best interest of the competition. This closure will over ride a council decision to leave some grounds open.

  •   If a council closes its ground for training or matches this overrides any NSFA decision.

  •   The referee of the game has the right to abandon or decide not to play a game in the case that the ground conditons are considered unsafe.

  •   The basic procedure for the public notifications is as follows:
    o All modifications will be published on the web site by 7.00pm the night

    before play and by 3.00pm for training. www.nsfa.asn.au Wet weather: - abide by the wet weather policy, liability is cost of repair.

  •   Clubs are financially responsible for damage. Cost determined by Council (initial and long term repair).

  •   Council reserves the right to withdraw use of playing fields by repeat offenders or instigator of excessive damage.

  •   Council can close grounds under extreme circumstances (safety, asset protection) Guideline: Training or play likely to cause damage to playing surface if particular

    characteristics are exhibited. Some of these are:

    •   Surface water present.

    •   Water rises to surface when walking across the surface (soil saturation).

    •   Surface is slippery to walk on, or grass surface is easily dislodged.

    •   Heavy or constant rain occurs immediately prior or during training or play.