LFC 60th Anniversary Celebrations
Lindfield Football Club turned 60 this year. What a milestone! We are so proud of our history and are looking forward to the next 60 years together playing football and introducing new and old players alike to the fun of the sport.
We have a real focus on making sure that everyone who plays with us is safe and has a great time, and one of the ways we wanted to ensure the safety of our members was by investing in defibrillators for our teams. We decided to combine our 60th anniversary celebrations with a live auction fundraiser party on Saturday, 12 August. We were aiming to raise funds for enough defibrillators for each of our Over 35 and Over 45 teams.
It was a great night for everyone, with all members and past members invited along to join in the festivities. There was plenty of food, drinks and music to entertain the crowds as we celebrated our rich history.
Along with the celebrations, we also had a raffle and live auction with some great prizes up for grabs.  One of these was a top-of-the-line Vuly Lift trampoline. Trampolines from Vuly Play are known for being among the safest on the market today. With advanced safety technology, Vuly Play trampolines massively reduce the risks of old-fashioned trampolines – with double-sided safety padding to protect against coil springs and an enclosure that’s designed to support even the most rugged bouncers. The proud winner of the trampoline was Rachel Bowes, who was happy to take home this fun piece of equipment for her family. We are sure she is loving the new addition to her backyard! Pictured below are young Alex and Thomas Bowes having a blast on the new addition to their home!

The night was a huge success, and we raised nearly $10,000 in total, which will pay for our defibrillators. So apart from having a great 60th celebration we all could well have helped save our players’ lives in the future!   We were pleased to have been able to partner with Vuly, a company who focuses on safety in such a way and also thank all the other companies that helped make the night a success.
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