How to Register as a Volunteer:

Firstly, thank you for offering to help our out at LFC. Our club relies entirely on the dedication and hard work of our fabulous volunteers.
We simply couldn't do it without you.  
  • It is a requirement that all Volunteers (both Seniors and Juniors) are Registered in the FFA Play Football Administration system.
  • The process is basically it is the same as when registering as a player.
  • You just need to select which product applies to your role: Manager, Coach or Committee Member.
  • NOTE: there is NO charge. 
  • All Volunteers of Junior Age Groups must also have done a Working with Children Check. 

Follow the Step-by-Step Guide of How to Register

Step 1. Go to the Play Football Registration Page

Step 2. Do you have an account? Sign in using the same details as previously.
Only create a new account if you are completely new to football in Australia. Most people should have an account from when they register their kids or from when they have played previously.

Step 3. Select "I am registering" 
  • myself if it is for you, or
  • Husband/Wife/Club Member etc if for someone else here are options

Step 4: Select Product: Committee Member or Coach or Manager

Step 5: If Committee Member then select Sub Role: Age Coordinators select Other

Step 6: Enter your relevant personal details and upload Photo.

Step 7: Enter Working with Children details: You will need the number and the expiry date. It must also be a NSW WWC - other states and territories are not accepted. Click Here for more info on how to get yours.

Step 8: Review your order and accept the T&C's and you're registered!