Welcome to LFC Team Pages

LFC uses an interactive and detailed team application called Team Grader.
In this external program, you will find the details of the team you have been allocated to after the coaches have finalised the team combinations.

Q. How do I find my Team?

  • Go to the Team Grader website.
  • Find you Age Group under the Teams Tab in the top menu bar.
  • Click the View Teams Button on the left of the Age Group.
  • Select Team Name to view the players in each team.
  • Please note, some teams have not yet been finalised and therefore not published.

Q. Do I need to confirm my spot on the team?

A. If you are offered a spot on SAP/SL/DL Teams or Development Squad you will receive an email offering you the position. YOU MUST confirm your acceptance.

To do this, go to your player name on the website (as above) and then click on your player name and follow the prompts to confirm your spot.

Social teams are not required to confirm their spot. 

Q. How does Lindfied FC allocate Players to Teams?

Firstly, you will need to attend a Grading session. These are all held in February at various times and locations. Generally there will be more than one session, but the requirements vary by age group.

Please ask your Age Cordinator how to apply if you have missed the Grading dates or you are unsure.

Q. How do I know where my Grading session will be?

A.  ALL the information for grading times and locations for your age group can be found in Team Grader.

You DO NOT need to register in Team Grader. All you need to do to Play Football is register on the FFA PlayFootball site and this will transfer your details to LFC. The system will then allocate you to an Age Group session. Please note, this can take up to 48 hours.

Note: Every player has to register every season to play football. This is a Football Federation of Australia (FFA) requirement and covers insurance, association fees, ground hire, umpires and many other incidentals involved in playing football. LFC only receive a small percentage of this fee.

Q. What if I can't make my grading session?

A. No problem. Simply check if there is an alternative session for your age group with spaces available.

Yes there is! Then simply click 'Change Event' in the First session you are unable to attend and choose the alternative session you can attend.
No there isn't! Please advise your Age Coordinator that you cannot make either session or that the session is full.