Courtesy of St Ives Football Club and their President we have FAQ's regarding SSG:

Football Federation Australia mandated that SSF up to U12 must be implemented across Australia by 2011!


The concept has been used for many years in leading football nations that develop the best skilled players, e.g. , , France, Holland . has typically produced national teams that are physically strong but technically weak. It is hoped that with a good technical grounding, Australia will produced the best in the world.

Fewer players and smaller fields means more contact and involvement and a lot more fun regardless of ability.

Why are you holding my child back?
Full size teams on full size fields are appropriate for the older ages, but for younger children playing on a larger field encourages Kick and Run Football and does not develop essential building blocks - close control, passing, dribbling and ball possession. SSF is ideal for developing these skills.

To play on a small field – can he play up an age group to play on a larger field?
Yes. We would recommend you and your child give it a try at grading day or with some practice games. You should explain that SSF is focused on developing his skills to be a better player and the greater participation. If your child is still unhappy then he is welcome to play up.

so what’s the point of SSF – why can’t he just go out and have fun?
SSF is aimed at players of all skill levels. Children spend far more time playing with the ball rather than watching it. That translates to more enjoyment for everyone.

So why can’t he play in a real competition like it used to be?

The SSF plan is about establishing the essential building blocks of player development until they are into their teen years. If a player enters a large field competition too early, the emphasis can move to getting rid of the ball in defence, and shoot when in attack, rather than developing the close in skills. Once the essential building blocks have been sufficiently developed then they are better suited to progress to full competition. Parents know their children better than the club, if you believe your child should play in competition, U10 can play in the U11 competition.