Season 2020 Football Registrations ARE NOW OPEN.

How to Register for Lindfield Football Club:

Step 1:  PLEASE read ALL the instructions before you start.

Step 2:  Claim Active Kids Voucher (to be used in Step 10)
Step 3:  Begin Registration
  • Use can use this direct link to get started. But read Step 4 first! 

Step 4:  Log In or Create an Account 

IMPORTANT Guidelineif you or your child played football LAST YEAR you will already have a FFA number, please DO NOT create another account. 
  • LOG IN using the same account details as 2019. 
  • CALL the FFA HELPLINE on (02) 88807983 if you need help accessing your previous account or check out their very useful HELP Page
  • Forgotten password:  Reset Password Here
  • Forgotten account details:  Verify your Account Here
Only Create an Account if you have never registered to Play Football before. NB Parents please create your account in your own name - not the players name!!! See below for further details.

Everyone in the family should be registered under the ONE USER. Generally, this means either mum or dad set up an account (even if they are non-players) and then register each child or dependant ALL  under the one account. Existing players already set up can be linked to this account! Kids who haven't played before can  be added once you are Signed in. 

Step 5:  Existing Account Holders: Select the linked player that you wish to register.
              Newly Created Accounts: Add your new player.

Step 6:  Product Selection
  • Select relevant age group. 
  • Guide: whatever age the player is turning in 2020 will be the Age Group they should play in ie if turning 8 this year, choose U8.
  • Check that all the personal details are correct and complete the additional questions.

Step 7:  Upload a photo for all players U12 and older.

Step 8:  International Transfer Certificate (ITC)
  • Players who played overseas last year will be required to complete ITC paperwork before their registration will be approved.
Step 9:  Review Your Order
  • Check that all the details are correct and accept the Terms and Conditions.
Step 10: Payment
  • BEFORE you enter any card details you must apply your Active Kids Voucher. We cannot deduct the $100 once you have completed the registration process.
  • From the drop down menu select “Active Kids NSW $100” 
  • Select Apply and the system will automatically discount your payment deducting $100.
  • Final step is to enter your Credit Card Details to pay online.
  • NB: Offline Payments are possible and can be made at the Clubhouse. If you wish to claim Family Discount, you will need to select Offline Payment. An invoice will be emailed to you, please bring this along when making payment.
REMEMBER, if you have any problems, the friendly staff at FFA are happy for you to call or email them with your query.
NB there may be a delay in responding to you in the busy periods.

FFA Registration Support

Monday-Friday 10am - 9pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am - 3pm

NB: If you enter the system via the direct website https://www.playfootball.com.au you will need to:
  • Select Register Now 
  • Select your relevant age group.
  • Type in Lindfield to bring up Lindfield Football Club as an option.
  • Select "Get Started"