Season 2020 Membership Fees 

Breakdown of Fees Information

  • We have kept the fees below the NSFA increase for the 2020 year. NSFA will levy a facilities fee of $16.50 for every player in the Association. This has been incorporated in to your individual fee for 2020. 
  • Adult student fees have been eliminated by FNSW this year.
  • Approximately 70% of registration fees are paid directly to the Northern Suburbs Football Association (NSFA) to pay for player registrations, grounds and general administration. 
  • Lindfield Football Club uses the remainder, to pay for super skills training for juniors, pre-season trials, arrangements (grounds etc.), balls for non comp players, training and match balls for teams, grounds and lighting for training and costs associated with running the Football Club (insurance, phone, etc) and contributions to the running of the Clubhouse. 
Thanks to the magnificent support of our on going sponsors especially McConnell Bourn - Real Estate our MAJOR SPONSOR.
Juniors Fees
Mixed Under 6 $245
Mixed Under 7 $245
Mixed Under 8 $255
Mixed Under 9 and Girls 9 Teams $255
Mixed Under 10 and Girls 10 Teams $290
Mixed Under 11 and Girls 11 Teams $290
Mixed Under 12 and Girls 12 teams  $325
Mixed Under 13 $325
Mixed Under 14 and Girls 14 Teams $325
Mixed Under 15 $325
Mixed Under 16 and Girls 16 Teams $335
Mixed Under 18 and Girls 18 Teams $355
Seniors  Fees
Women (Divisions 1-3) $455
Women (Division 4) $450
Women Over 35s $450
Women 6 a-side $330
Mixed All Age Divisions 1-4 (inc Reserves) $480
Mixed All Age Divisions 5-6 (inc Reserves) $475
Mixed Over 35s $480
Mixed Over 45s $480

Family Discount
Please note that the 3rd family member will get a $100 discount on their fees. The 4th and any subsequent family members will each get a $200 discount. To organise this, please select Pay Offline but make sure you still utilise any Active Kids Vouchers during the payment process. You can then pop into the club during normal trading hours and find a staff member to make your transaction. Please remember to have a copy of your invoices handy. If you are unable to make it to the club, please email info@lfc.asn.au to arrange an alternative. 

Please Note 
i. All fees include an Accident Insurance Premium and GST.
ii. Fees include amounts levied by the Football NSW and FFA.  
iii. There is a $20 late registration fee payable for juniors after 25Feb
iv. There is a $25 late registration fee payable for seniors after 25Feb 

The purpose of this policy is to provide clarity about the refund of registration fees to members before and after commencement of the season.
Lindfield Football Club must pay the following from member registration fees:
- FFA and Football NSW playing and insurance levies
- NSFA team levies
These are charged once the season commences and they are not refunded if the player de-registers after the start of the season (once the player has played one game).
Fee Refund Policy
Registration Type Pre Season Refund Refund prior to 31 May Refund after 31 May
NSFA player registration fees 100% refund
(less $20 admin fee)
30% refund (*) Nil refund
Paid coaching (1) Pro rata
(less $20 admin fee) (+)
Pro rata
(less $20 admin fee)
Pro rata
(less $20 admin fee)
Development Squads (2) 70% refund
(less $20 admin fee) (+)
30% refund (*) Nil refund

(1) The pro rata amount shall be apportioned on months paid for in the coaching plan. Say, if a coach has been appointed to a team from February to August (ie. 7mths) and the player requests a refund mid May, a refund shall be paid for the 3 remaining months on the plan (rounded up) less a $50 admin fee.
(2) Pre-season calculation for Development players shall apply if and before the player receives their kit and clothing for the season. Rate is reduced to 70% (compared to NSFA rate) on basis of longer training commitment and pre season activity.
(+) Registrations need to be cancelled before the commencement of the season. No games can be played.
(*) Refund only available in the case of an injury sustained as a result of playing football that will prevent any further play during the current season. An injury report form must be completed and submitted before a refund can be claimed.
Exceptions: All exceptions to the above schedule must be approved by the Treasurer, plus either the President or Secretary.

How to Request a REFUND
  • If you wish to Deregister and receive a REFUND of your Registration Fees, please advise the Registrar Deidre: info@lfc.asn.au who will initiate the deregistration process for you. 
  • Please also advise your Age Coordinator and/or Manager so they can remove you from the team list.