Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I arrange that my son/daughter play in the same team as friends?   

OVERVIEW: LFC will make every effort to meet requests for players playing with friends or joining friends in teams parents are trying to establish, however the Club can not guarantee that each child will be accommodated.    
Our Club regards the grading process as being an important part of the season’s preparation. We have found that players who are not graded properly do not have as much fun playing as they otherwise could. Our emphasis is very much on fun, but we also like to make sure the players are given every chance to improve their football skills and enjoy it year after year. There is some leeway in the Under 6 to Under 11 age groups for players to play with friends, but only if they are not graded in the top teams.   

METHOD:  To organise your U6 to U11 child to play with friends download the "Request to play with Friends" Form (from "Downloads" on the home page (www.lfc.asn.au) complete it and bring it to registration or grading days. Additionally please email the scanned form to your age coordinator AND info@lfc.asn.au

NOTE: Player Request Forms should be signed by each of the player’s parents.  
* In the event a signature/s is not possible, the person lodging the form should sign on their behalf providing only if the person signing has the permission of the parents, to do so.  

“Play with friends” is discouraged in other age groups and while it is always possible to accommodate a request, it is done so at the discretion of the Club.   

ADDING PLAYERS TO LISTS: Once a list has been submitted and you wish to include a latecomer, the person creating the list should contact their Age Coordinator and advise them you have permission to include them. 

LFC does not support “entire team” submissions. 

Now that I’m on a “play with friends” list, do I need to attend grading? 

Absolutely yes, grading is compulsory for all age groups.  If players` experience/skills are similar, it is likely the request will be approved subject to other acceptances. 

Lindfield Football Club can not be responsible in ensuring each request is met.  
  Once teams are formed and published, players may not relocate to another team on the basis of playing with a friend/s without express approval of the Club. 

Any further questions should be directed to your Age Coordinator please.