New parents, players and even some "old" parents and players have questions. Lindfield FC has tried to answer many of them below:  

Some Background:
·         Approximately 1900 playing members 
·         Caters for boys & girls, men & women - From school age about 5 years   
·         Girls only teams (play on Sundays)
·         Womens Teams (play on Sundays)
·         Womens Over 30 Teams
·         All Age Mens Teams
·         Over 35 & Over 45 Mens Teams  

When is my child old enough to start playing football?
It is a requirement that children must be attending school full-time to play for our Club (starting with U6s).  

Can my child play with friends?
Our Club regards the grading process as being an important part of the season’s preparation. We have found that players who are not graded properly do not have as much fun playing as they otherwise could. Our emphasis is very much on fun, but we also like to make sure the players are given every chance to improve their football skills and to try to make sure they come back to football year after year. There is some leeway in the Under 6 and Under 7 age groups for players to play with friends, but only if they are not graded in the top teams in the age group.
To organise your U6 or U7 child to play with friends download the "Request to play with friends form" (go to
Downloads on the home page www.lfc.asn.au ) complete the form and bring it to registration or grading or email it to your age coordinator and CC. info@lfc.asn.au

Does my child have to play in his or her own age group?
Lindfield FC prefers that players only play in their correct age group (it is usually best for the player!). An exception is where the Club may ask a player to play up an age group to increase the number of players in that age group and allow the creation of another team or balancing of numbers.

What times and places will my child most likely play?
Most boys junior games are played on Saturdays between 8.30am and Noon. The Northern Suburbs Football Association stretches from the lower north shore to Brooklyn, although the younger age groups are unlikely to travel too far, as they are grouped into the northern area of NSFA. Junior girls Under 9 upwards
are played on Sundays between 8.30am and Noon.

Who is my Manager?
Each team need one parent to volunteer as Manager and another as Coach. Teams allocate Managers after the grading process is complete.  

When is grading?
See the calendar on the LFC web site
In addition, trial games against other clubs will be arranged prior to the start of the season. See the Calendar on the web site –

What day will training be?
After the grading process, each team nominates a Manager and Coach, normally from parents of players in that team. The Manager and Coach are responsible for deciding on a training day that best suits the majority of the team, and it is subject to space being available at the time and location selected. It’s not possible until this happens to say which day training will take place.

Do you have Women's teams?
Following on from the enormous success with the Girls and Womens teams from U9 to All Age, we are looking forward to also fielding teams in most age groups this year. These competitions play on Sundays.

What are the fees for playing football with LFC and how do I register? 
Please go to 'Players & Registration' on the LFC website.
We have moved away from paper registrations, since it saves the Club and hence all members time and money.
Please note that the 3rd and 4th youngest family member will have a 30% discount on their fees and the 5th member plays for free.

Registrations will be processed centralised through the Football Federation Australia (FFA) online registration system. BUT payments will be processed after you have registered with FFA through the Lindfield Football Club online payment system (Please note that there will be an about 12 hours time delay until your FFA data is processed into our LFC payment system. You will also receive a notification email when this is done including a payment link.

Existing or new players please go to 'Players & Registrations' - 'Registrations'.  From there you will be directed to the FFA 'MyFootballClub' registration system. There click on 'Player Registration'.

For FAQ regarding the FFA online registration system please click here

The FFA online support number is: (02) 8020 4199

Due to admin work connected with processing cheques we do not accept cheques.


You can even register after the season has started providing there is a place in a team. Please check with your age coordinator.