Lindfield FC run a number of teams in Mens Over 35s and Over 45s at various levels.  We are interested in players of all levels joining.   In particular, we are looking for players for our Over 45 teams in all divisions.
In Over 35s, we expect to be running three divisional squads with a squad of two teams in each of First, Second and Third Divisions.
In Over 45s, we expect to be running teams in three divisions.  We will be running a squad of two teams in each of First and Second Divisions.  In addition, we are looking to open a new team in Third Division this year.  
We shall be running trial games for all teams through February and March as part of the grading process.  Anyone is welcome to join, please contact age coordinator for details.   
Age coordinator contacts are:
Mens Over 45   Haran Siva     mensover45s@lfc.asn.au
Mens Over 35   Stuart Driver   mensover35s@lfc.asn.au