How to Manage my Account and Pay Online:

1. Sign in to your FFA Play Football Account : CLICK HERE

2. Under My Account, scroll down to MANAGE MY REGISTRATION under Registrations - this will direct you to your Participant portal.

Here you will be able to manage all aspects of your registration including:
  • Viewing current and previous football registrations
  • Locating FFA numbers
  • Editing contact details
  • Update/uploading your photo
  • Paying outstanding invoices online (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Download new or old invoice's 
  • Monitoring the status of your registration (awaiting payment, Approval required, ITC status etc.)
  • Cancelling a registration request
  • Submitting a de-registration request
  • Acknowledging de-reg request
  • Tracking the status of an ITC request (if you have a pending ITC request)
  • Managing WWC (Working With Children) details 


Once in the Participant Portal you will see it has 3 main Menu Options at the top next to the Home Icon (little house) they are: My Details, Affiliations & Activity

1. Select Activity and on the drop down menu, select Purchases.  

2  Here you will see any outstanding payments required under Invoices Outstanding

Any Problems contact 
FFA Registration Support: