A number of people have written to me to ask about ground closures, I will try to explain how the decisions are reached. I am sending this to each of the club contacts as well as the individuals who contacted me directly.
 KDSA deals with 5 Local Government Areas.
Councils make the decision to close grounds normally at about 3pm.
Several other individuals/groups can close grounds
-a committee such as the All Age Committee
-the KDSA grounds controller
-a referee
It is often the case that one Council will close grounds whilst another keeps them open. There is the potential for all sorts of combinations of different Councils closing grounds all at different times.
Councils place the onus on our organisation to act to call off games even when they still have 
them listed as open on their web sites eg,
"clubs are responsible for assessing ground conditions and deciding if grounds are suitable for use"
The approach we adopt is to:
Update the KDSA website by 3:30pm on any given day;
On match days we check for any update from councils;
we also have a sample number of grounds and ask knowledgeable club officials/referees to give their assessment of them, these people are up and at the grounds by 7:00 am to take a look.
Based on all this information, we make a call.  We then get that decision onto the web site by 7:45am. Sundays are similar although we may make a call early if we believe that there is little prospect of enough fields being usable (and let our volunteers sleep in).
The 7:45 call may not be final, we may find as the day progresses that we receive reports of a number of fields being closed by referees. In the end there is no hard and fast rule, it is a value judgement about when we should try and go ahead and when we should not.  
  • To those who asked whether we would be able to make the decision earlier, if we make a decision earlier then we would have to err on the side of caution.
  • To those who asked whether we could delay the decision and make it later, if we did games would have commenced with many of them being cancelled by the referees, this means unnecessary travel for players.
  • To those who asked about other codes, they must make their own decision and face the consequences of their actions with councils (I know of at least one council that is quite unhappy with a code for going ahead with games).  
Thank you and we appreciate your cooperation and support.
David Howard
Grounds Controller
We ask that clubs refrain from training in and around the goal mouth to reduce wear.