• Teams are selected by the grading and selection committee using the results of the Grading Day assessment, previous year's coaching reports, and selection trial match assessments. 
  •  All players are assessed on LFC Grading Day for the appropriate age group and after Grading Day during LFC trial matches according to the guidelines for that age group.
  • Teams are not finalised until after TRIAL MATCHES. Movement of players between provisional groups is likely to occur
  • Teams are fully selected in the following age group teams: 6AB, 7ABC, 8ABC, 9ABC, 10ABC, etc
Note:The actual number of selected teams is flexible from year to year, and depends on the depth of quality of the player base in that age group. Teams in older age groups generally have the number of teams dictated by the number of player registrations in that year.
  •  Players not selected for the above teams may be selected to play in a nominated team, or play with friends nominated on a Request to play with Friends form (under downloads on the LFC website), or to play in a team of the appropriate grading assessment. The choice to play in a requested or nominated team is not guaranteed, and placement in any team is at the discretion of the Grading and Selection committee.  
  • All teams in an age group are ranked prior to the submission of the KDSA divisional allocations.  
  •  Late registrations will be accepted up until the selection night immediately following the Grading Day for that age group. Following that date, late registrations will be placed onto a waiting list, and placed into a team, when there is a position available.  
  • The number of players and reserves in a team depends upon the number of player registrations in that age group, and the grading and selection committee uses the player registration number to determine the most appropriate number of players in each of the age group teams.