Have you got your Lindfield Blue Kit?

Minimum uniform requirement: LFC Blue Shirt, LFC Shorts & LFC Socks

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Please note: Due to Covid-19 Restrictions & to speed up the pickup process, we strongly encourage you to place your order online before you come in - online orders have priority pickup.

* you can exchange sizes and leave shirts for numbering

* if you are having difficulty with the online ordering system please get in touch.


Uniform Shop Hours:

School Holidays: Friday nights 5.30 - 7.30pm

School Term
Wednesday: 4.30 - 6.30pm
 5.30 - 7.30pm 

For any enquiries please contact Dee Cleworth at uniforms@lfc.asn.au or you may text her on 0418 962 246.


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There are 2 options for uniform: CLASSIC or ELITE. You can choose EITHER if your size is available. As we sell out of Classic, the Elite range will replace it.
So if a product says Out of Stock, please look for the alternative as we have all sizes in Blue shirts, shorts and socks.

NB Women's Elite Blue shirts there are  no 8A,10A, 18A and no 16A or 18A in the White Elite.
There are no ELITE White in the Youth sizes this season, please choose the White Training Shirt - Old logo Youth or Women's sizes - these are a bargain at $15!!!
  • WHY are there 2 different options? We have changed suppliers.  In appearance the items are practically identical (neckline on shirt) however the Elite is made with superior quality material and a better fit. 
  • Will I have to change to ELITE next year? NO! There is very little difference in appearance for exactly that reason.
  • How do I know which range to buy? Simply look at what sizes are available under each range, there maybe some overlap when numbers get low in the Classic range so that we don't have an out of stock situation on the website. Then the choice is yours!

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Uniform Shop Guidelines during Covid

Order Online:

  • All Orders need to be made through our ONLINE SHOP!
  • Please wait to receive your confirmation email that your order has been packed and is ready for pickup.
  • There is a sizing guide provided on the website for the new uniform, however if you aren’t sure which size, it is possible to return the item and exchange it for the correct size.
  • All Returns will be quarantined for 1 week. 

Shirt Numbers:

  • Please bring your shirt to the Clubhouse in a clearly labelled bag with your Name and Contact Phone Number.
  • Please pin/attach a note to EACH shirt with the required Shirt Number and ideally your Name and Contact Phone number.
  • Leave the bag with club staff during Club Open Hours and it will generally be ready by the following Friday if not before..
  • If teams have a suitable Covid friendly way of collecting shirts so they can all be done in one dropoff and pickup would be fantastic.

Pickup Order Procedure during Covid:

  • Orders need to be picked up asap as there is very limited holding space for orders.
  • Please advise us if you no longer require your order and ask us for a  Refund.

Queueing system for Order Pickup. 
  • Customers should approach the clubhouse via the ramp at the front of the clubhouse 
  • If numbers allow (50 limit) come inside via the Side Door next to the Takeaway serving hutch. Otherwise please queue outside
  • The queue starts next to the door leading downstairs to the shop.
  • Listen for the bell to ring to indicate your turn to enter the Uniform Shop.
  • ONE person ONLY in the downstairs area when picking up your order or dropping off shirts for numbering.
  • Leave via the downstairs back door (even if you wish to return to the upstairs area).

Whilst at the clubhouse, please observe the compulsory 1.5 meter distancing rule.

PLEASE NOTE:   Some previously out of stock items in the CLASSIC range are now available in the ELITE range​. 

​The Uniform Shop Team