The age coordinator is the communication link between team managers and the club  

At all times:  

·         Communicate information from the club to the teams in your age group and vice versa.  

·         Resolve team problems – refer unresolved problems to the club.  

·         Attend management meetings (normally on the last Tuesday of each month).  


Pre Season  

·         Be present and oversee grading day and grading/trial games. Organize grading cards and team allocations (in liaison with the grading team).  

·         Organize distribution of LFC shirts and equipment to the teams in your age group before the first trial game. The LFC shirts will come with the team bag.  


At the end of the season:  

·         Organize the return of the LFC shirts and equipment from the teams in your age group back to the Equipment Co-coordinator.  

·         Communicate feedback to the club.